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Speak & Lead! (Level 2)

Program Overview

Oral Communication skills are ranked as the first skills required in the recruiting process of fresh University graduates, and then being promoted in their careers in different industries.This program is specifically designed to help you gain the crucial skills to communicate effectively in your future, academically, professionally, and personally.

The program will help you to successfully give a great first impression during an interview, an academic or business presentation, with your outstanding speaking skills.

Giving your Final year project presentation or your postgrad presentation is not an easy thing even when you have prior experience at early year it can still be a nerve-wracking process. Nerves and poor preparation combination can cause a lot of damage. Here we will help you gain all what it takes to ace your university Final year and postgrad presentation.

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Attendees Analysis

University Students

University students who want to enhance their speaking abilities in preparation for employment or future master studies.

Master’s Degree Students

Master’s Degree Students enrolled in post graduate education who want to magnify their speech skills to effectively convey their research and establish interest in their work.

Learning Objectives

Understand speechmaking process and its elements to be familiar with factors affecting different types of speeches in different events, academically and professionally.

Apply different audience analysis techniques to know your audience interests to be able to craft an engaging message for them, earning an impactful first impression.

Select the most appropriate speech organizational pattern, applying principles of organizing main and supporting points, and different transition techniques.

Practice different speech delivery techniques in different situations to be able to adapt your speaking style based on the situation “Academically, professionally”

Handle Arguments, objections and Q&A session and any unexpected situations using different techniques to reduce fear and anxiety of public speaking.

Validate different presentation visual aids to decide the most suitable for your speech.

Adapt professional presence in speaking events, how to dress professionally, how to control your voice and use your body to maximize your impact on your audience.

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Program Modules

The Art of Public Speaking!
Dealing With Questions & Objections
Effective Message Preparation
Using Visual Aids

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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