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Development Path

Become Empowered To Make Your Own Development Plan!

At some point, we all become a little bit confused about what area to develop, who can help us out, and how exactly to do so. As you know, when in doubt, consult!

SPS’s Development Path consultation is for business owners and senior leaders who wish to work on their public speaking skills or need to direct their team to excel in public speaking.

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Explore Your Choices.

Through our consultation sessions, you will be able to decide where you are standing right now regarding your public speaking skills, the exact program you need to enroll in to help you level up in the right direction, and your development plan for that.

It also works with you hand in hand to allocate your team training needs to develop their public speaking skills and determine what road to take so that their evolution can cause a positive impact on the overall organizational goal.

All you need to do is provide insights about your team roles and the next step you want to move them to, and we will take it from there.

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It’s recommended to book your session 1 month in advance.

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