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Persuasive Presentations

Program Overview

Either you want to persuade the top management with your new idea, you want to retain your top performer employee at your organization, introducing new change to your team or resolve any kind of conflict, you need to present your message in a persuasive manner to achieve your goal effectively.

Managing a multi-generation workforce nowadays is a big challenge for most managers, new breed of employees no longer wants to listen to a boss and follow instructions blindly, your persuasion skills will motivate them to behave and act which increase productivity and efficiency

At this Program you will learn how to manage saying the right thing at the right time in the fewest possible adequate words to master successful persuasive presentation skills, first by finding common grounds with your audience to know what is in it for them, to provide them with evidence that support your message and how to find the emotional connection with them and building your credibility.

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Attendees Analysis


Professionals who want to enhance their persuasive speaking to efficiently be able to convince their audience on topics and trigger action in business environment.

Ambitious Individuals

Who wants to manage to stand out to impress others with their words, to speak with conviction about their beliefs and ideas, and be able to articulate their point of view and connect with the listener tremendously.

Learning Objectives

Predict Audience question “Why are we here?” The first question to be answered. So, reason backwards, in order to make the information you want to deliver a fascinating, provocative answer to your audience.

Understand generational differences in values system and its effect on their communication style to help you decide your presentation approach based on these differences

Examine different persuasive theories applied in persuasive presentation help you choose the most suitable one for your audience and your topic

Create a captivated opening to grab the listeners’ interest in a very few words using different approaches and techniques.

Create an ending of your presentation, not a summary, learn how to give your audience an ending that last with them and something to do with the information you presented to them.

Develop Logical mindset and good reasoning skills to help you forming a convincing persuasive presentation in a logical sequenced manner with no unnecessary information to avoid overwhelming your audience.

Design a brief persuasive speech to successfully pitch your idea or case in short time to the top management, your clients and during any networking events.

Handle your physical presence to enhance your credibility and build trust with your audience.

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Program Modules

Winning Minds and Hearts
Crossing Time Boundaries
Rhetoric (The Art of Speaking Persuasively)
Persuasive Body Language

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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