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Professional Coaching

One-On-One Coaching For Higher & Faster Results!

Why worry about your next speech when you have the chance to get the best help in preparations before performing it?

Through SPS’s Professional Coaching sessions, you get the opportunity to prepare and practice presenting speeches directly with our founder and CLO, Yasmine El-Baz, in a professional, motivating, and empowering environment. During each coaching session, we focus on your areas of improvement, areas of strength, and how to work on both.

What makes the coaching sessions different from any other workshop or any course is that it’s designed specially to provide you with professionally customized support in bringing the best of your speaking abilities. It also supports you in overcoming the usual pitfalls when performing any speech or presentation based on your needs and the type of speaking engagements you are frequently subjected to.

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Your Customized Journey To Enhance Your Skills!

100% Private & Customized

Practical & Discussion-based

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It’s recommended to book your sessions 1 month in advance.

100% Private

Practical and Discussion-Based

100% Customized for You

Available Virtually and Offline

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