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Formal Speech Consultation

Formal speeches are always challenging tasks for all of us.

Whether you’re a spokesperson, a public figure, a business owner, or a senior leader, your formal speech is a break-it or make-it task. You need to pitch your idea right, and you need to put everything together in a way that can influence the audience and encourage them to take the action you aim for.

You also need to be formal yet not robotic to humanize your speech while not being too friendly, and most importantly, you need to 100% customize it to your exact voice and image.

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All the above are our checklist!

Throughout SPS’s Formal Speech consultation, Yasmine El-Baz, our founder, will consult you regarding your perfect representation in media and major events. She will guide you through writing and performing a customized speech that can impress and influence your audience while maintaining the consistency of the wow factor and professionally humanizing the speech according to your brand image and voice.

You just tell us your aim out of it and how you wish to represent your image, and we will walk you through the rest.

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