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The 1st dedicated public speaking destination in Egypt & the Middle East with in-depth handling for every public speaking angle out there through a specially customized learning journey for kids, youth, professionals, executives, and spokespersons.

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Throughout the past years, I became certain that 80% of people perceive public speaking in the wrong way. People assume it’s about show-making, it’s about who talks more or even worse, that it’s destined only for certain people.

We launched The School of Public Speaking (SPS) because we believe everyone should have the ability to speak up their ideas with power and influence. We want professionals who are masters at their work to rock the stage.

We want people to understand that their fears are valid, but they’re not the barrier. This is a journey that you don’t have to walk alone anymore, and that’s why the school is here for you now!”

Yasmine El-Baz

Founder and CLO of The School of Public Speaking
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“We support spokespersons, public figures, executives, professionals, start-up owners, career starters, and students to excel in their future and careers by teaching them how to utilize the power of public speaking skills using tailored approaches with designs based on their own personalities and capabilities without allowing any barriers to come in the way.”

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