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Promising Star Speakers (Level 1)

Program Overview

Public Speaking program level one is carefully designed course for school students to create a confident fluent speaker.

Students will be introduced to an effective set of exercises and activities which will boost their ability to become more confident, creative, and capable communicators in their academic and personal lives.

The program will help them evolve their sense of personal power to combat their shyness, know how to address their feelings, express them properly, and manage them in front of their teachers, peers, or their family members. By the end of this program, they will be able to develop positive self- image to conquer their hesitation to speak up their thoughts in front of others at school and outside of school improving their overall social interactions.

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Attendees Analysis

School students Grade 3 – grade 6

School students from Grade 3 – grade 6, struggle with shyness and need to learn how to express themselves using their natural communication skills and seek to build on them.

Learning Objectives

Understand the benefits of public speaking for kids, its influence on their academic and personal lives and how to use it in their everyday communication with their colleagues, teachers and at home based on the different communication styles’ model.

Practice how to overcome their shyness and start a conversation with other people, answer their teacher questions enhancing their daily participation at school and during different social activities.

Articulate their feelings and thoughts into words to be able to express them at any situation.

Attain self-awareness and self-confidence by exploring themselves, their strengths, and challenges to enhance their daily communication at school and in different personal situations.

Apply new strategies to help them regulate their feelings to respond in a constructive way during difficult conversations at school or their personal life

Learn to generate large number of ideas for different kinds of speaking events at school through brainstorming which will boost their creativity and learn how to gain information from different available resources at school or external resources.

Organize their thoughts to know how to structure and clearly express them into speeches and presentations.

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Program Modules

Getting Started!
Self-Regulation Techniques
Express & speak it up!
Build Confidence
From Planning to Execution

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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