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Promising Star Speakers (Level 3)

Program Overview

Public speaking level three program will take your teen to a higher level of mastering what it needs to successfully end their school journey starting their transitional stage being a college student. The program assists in developing highly skillful teens by boosting their ability to contribute meaningfully at any class discussions, impress their teachers and build fruitful relationships at their college afterwards.

The program will help them become perfectly prepared for college interviews by introducing them to a set of public speaking practices and techniques which will enhance their speaking skills to leave a great first impression, so they can get into their dream college and participate efficiently at the different future projects.

They will apply different public speaking audiences’ engagement techniques to highly master connecting and impacting the listeners, successfully presenting their insights, and showing their personality.

They will practice different public speaking stress-managing strategies to be in control bunder the fire of hard questions, negative feedback, or any kind of pressure while speaking during an interview, at school, future college or at any other speaking events.

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Attendees Analysis

School students Grade 10 – grade 12

School students from Grade 10 – grade 12, who want to level up their speaking skills to the next level, preparing themselves for college admission and to be ready for all kind of different communication and presentation in the university .

Learning Objectives

Practice strategies to create a great first impression when speaking to others, a positive impression which last to the end.

Create a captivated self-introduction speech to make sure delivering their personal key message to instantly earn attention and respect of the listener.

Practice using engaging questions and stories as powerful communication tool to help them as a speaker confidently influencing their interviewer, school mates and teachers

Enhance their capacity to project appropriate sounds to make a critical difference in the way they are perceived and treated by their audience in their academic and personal speaking events.

Develop visual aids when needed as a reinforcement for their message not the message itself to effectively impact their audience when speaking to them.

Cope with the unexpected questions by practicing strategies for managing their nerves and think logically when they are speaking.

Practice giving constructive effective feedback to their school mates to be clearly heard, understood, and accepted, while adapting effective response approach to receiving negative feedback at school, college, interview or personally.

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Program Modules

Your Great 1st Impression!
Using Visual Aids
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Connecting With Your Audience
Handling Questions Effectively

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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