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Virtual Presence

Program Overview

Before the pandemic crisis from time to time, you, as managers, had to attend a remote meeting virtually with your team or your top management for a reason or another.

After this crisis most business activities have shifted to be virtually, so it is our new normal.

But since then, can you recall how many times you experienced complete silence during a virtual meeting?

Are you sure the attendees are fully attentive and are not multitasking during this meeting?

As a manager, are you sure that you are effectively managing your team virtually?

Virtual Presence Program will help you with a set of different techniques and tools to improve your credibility remotely.

You will be introduced in this Program to an array of tactical skills involved in virtual meetings, developing these skills will enable you to run meetings virtually as successful and impactful as your in-person meetings

Virtual Presence Program is not only about simply communicating information successfully virtually, it is also about creating a sense of community and connections, leaving people you meet feeling inspired, supported and energized.

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Attendees Analysis

Mid & Senior Level Professionals

Professionals who want to maximize their virtual presence, overcome the challenges of all kinds of virtual communication extending their physical presence into the virtual space.

Learning Objectives

Understand different virtual events, critical factors for its success constraints which must be considered.

Plan effective virtual meetings by articulating the purpose, the goal of the meeting and your content roadmap to ensure attentive presence of all participants and covering all points you want to deliver without missing an important information.

Establishing a dialogue for the virtual meeting by listing questions to ensure all attendees are involved.

Apply best practices and tools to create compelling clear interactive visual aids as a supportive tool for the message help keeping your audience attentive and focused on your message

Apply tools and techniques enhancing virtual transactional communication to create a participative environment and to give participants the sense of control.

Practice techniques which are critical to handle challenging conversations that may arise within virtual communication.

Optimize your virtual presence and credibility by utilizing your personal tools effectively “body language and voice” in the virtual space to create trust and build connections virtually.

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Program Modules

High Impact Virtual Meetings
Visuals Usage: What to do or avoid?
Camera Presence
Virtual Presentation Structure
Audience Engagement

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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