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About SPS

The first all-inclusive public speaking destination

The School of Public Speaking (SPS) is an all-inclusive go-to destination for anyone who wants to professionally learn any topic related to public speaking by specialized experts in the field.

The school was founded by Yasmine El-Baz in 2021 and is a sister company of Skills Bank. Based in Cairo and offering its services worldwide, the school serves spokespersons, public figures, executives, professionals, start-up owners, career starters, and students through offline and online facilities.

The School of Public Speaking’s (SPS) ultimate goal is to motivate anyone who wishes to use the power of public speaking to excel in their future and career through extracting their unique style and using their capabilities while overcoming learning barriers and pitfalls.

Empowered with the intensive hands-on experience of the school founder in public speaking and the technical support provided by our subject-matter expert sister company in learning and development, The School of Public Speaking (SPS) is highly qualified and keen to attain its goal with consistency, authenticity, and professionality.

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SPS Story

We have been witnessing several proven success cases for that fact over the past years. The before & after transformation for anyone who crossed all the barriers and took the step towards learning public speaking was evident and impressive

Because of public speaking, we saw diligent students rock their academic life, we witnessed qualified juniors hold leading positions, and we watched dedicated and smart business owners boost their business’ ROI.

Working together with our partner and sister company, Skills Bank, our founder Yasmine El-Baz put her 12+ years of hands-on experience in every aspect of the public speaking field into action.

She established a full force of qualified trainers, mentors, workshops’ content, and a detailed learning curriculum for each age group. That way, the school was ready to welcome aboard all learners, whether students, graduates, professionals, executives, or spokespersons

In 2021, the School of Public Speaking served as the specialized professional entity with customized practical programs that are 100% dedicated to helping different individuals, from children to executives, discover their powers and unleash them by upgrading their speaking skills.

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“We launched SPS because we believe in the power of public speaking skills and how they can literally transform lives. And we believe it’s your turn now!”

SPS Values

At the School of Public Speaking, we only accept originality. The value of originality here is applied to everything. With learners, we train you not to be a copy of anyone else. Learners are trained to be their own version of bold public speakers.

Content and learning methodologies are originally designed and customized based on our founder’s intensive years of hands-on experience and exposure in the field of public speaking.

We vowed to commit to every learner’s journey until every single one successfully reaches the desired goal. However, commitment goes both ways. That’s why we expect our learners to be willing to show actual commitment to schedules, assignments, practices, and most importantly, their areas of expertise.

Learners, as well as trainers and mentors, must commit to the effort, time, dedication, and consistency needed for the success of the overall journey.

To maintain efficiency, focus, dedication, and professionalism, the SPS core focus is only public speaking. No other topics are or will be introduced. Every trainer, mentor, and each content piece are dedicated to tackling and developing every aspect of public speaking topic in-depth without being overshadowed by any other topics.

All it takes is to be a specialized expert in your field, and we will help you express it in the most suitable forms for your career level and field.

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Yasmine El-Baz BIO

Yasmine El-Baz is a public speaking, executive speech coach, and instructor at The American University in Cairo. She has been coaching executives, public figures, and spokespersons on public speaking since 2011.

Yasmine is also a professional international speaker since 2009. She was the host of many conferences, a keynote speaker in multiple international events, and spoke in front of more than 10,000 professionals in varied industries in different countries.

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As for her training experience, Yasmine has been designing training techniques and workshop content to help others overcome public speaking barriers and extract their unique style in public speaking to perfectly master the stage.

She provided more than 400 training workshops and 600+ coaching sessions to professionals around the world. She also held the position of the Vice President of Education at Cairo Toastmasters Club, which is a part of Toastmasters International Institution – the biggest international institution for public speaking and leadership.

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Throughout her 12+ years of public speaking experience, Yasmine has been fully capable of empowering and motivating people through training and coaching to make good use of their skills and capabilities.

Her belief that everyone should have the ability to speak up for their ideas and dreams is her main driver – not only to be a public speaking trainer and coach but also to go further and establish The School of Public Speaking.

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