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Training Philosophy

Do you want to feel, and be, confident & empowered whenever you deliver a speech?

This is the exact learning experience we are presenting here.

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Learning Experience

At SPS, we devised our learning experience process with your feelings and needs in mind to help you become your best self and at ease while presenting. You’ll learn new skills, discover hidden talents, feel valued, and have fun along the way; all while empowering your own edges.

When you complete any of our programs, your speeches will feel and be:

Confident (I am)

Influencing (I’m here)

Empowered (I can)

Visionary (I want)

Beneficial (I matter)

and you’ll have discovered a new version of yourself!

With our learning experience, you grow as a person too.

Become The Best Version Of Yourself!

Our goal is that every learner who walks through our doors leaves feeling and being more confident than they ever did. For doing so, we dig deep to find your own inner strengths as a person and a professional. Then we work around your own edges to create your own public speaking style that helps your master the stage.

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Celebrating diversity

Our learning methodology is designed to help people learn in ways that work best for them and is 100% built to fit different personalities and learning preferences in mind. Accordingly, will help you become a better speaker no matter what your personality, preference, or background is.

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Applicability is the key. All SPS’s learning journeys have that ultimate goal of being applicable rights way. Thanks to our 70% – 30% Rule (where the bigger weight is for the practical application, with 100% relevant activities to your everyday challenges) you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned immediately, whether that’s in a meeting, at work, or even at school. That means no more waiting around for months or years before seeing any improvement in yourself!

A Two-Way Street

We believe that we can learn as much from our learners as they do from us and one another. You are a receiver and you’re also a giver. so, in essence, it’s a 3-way learning methodology (trainer-learner, learner-trainer, learners-peers).

Our Methodology is also to make it easy for everyone to become an excellent public speaker, only when you are making it easy for us through fully committing to every part of the learning journey.

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Extras of Self-Discovery & Having Fun

The best part? Our public speaking journey isn’t just about making you speak and express better but also, it’s a fun journey for self-discovery for our learners.

You won’t only learn how to express yourself better through public speaking, but you’ll also enjoy doing it! We believe that public speaking is as much about entertainment as it’s about value, and we go the extra mile by Our activities that are built to extend the comfort zone of the participants to ensure every promise.

Learning Is A Journey That Never Ends.

Learning is a journey. We understand that and we’re here to help every step of the way. With SPS, our relationship with learners never ends! Why?

Because learning is an ongoing process that doesn’t end when they finish their coursework. It’s something they can continue forever if they’re willing to learn more about themselves and grow in their careers!

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We’re Now Here For You!

You never have to walk your journey alone – we’ll be right there by your side through each phase of this incredible journey towards personal growth.

Here’s what to expect for every task:

Audience profile creation

Assessment’s provision

Access to the SPS trainees’ pre-program video recording (getting started)

A printed ID with an access code to the full library of SPS resources

Engaging, hands-on activities

One-on-one tasks

Small group tasks

Large group discussions

360° feedback

Mock-up audience sessions

In-class assignment discussions

Final project submission and graduation

Customized personal development action plan

Access to the SPS trainees’ post-program video recording

Continued access to the full library of SPS resources

Reunion webinars

Community meetings

Engaging competitions

Follow-up tools

One-on-one coaching

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All our programs are led with experience

All our trainers are SPS-certified experts who truly understand what it takes to be a great public speaker. They’re also trained by our very own Yasmine El-Baz and abide by the SPS code of ethics to ensure that they deliver nothing short of high-quality training sessions.

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Specialized rather than generalized

you can rest assured that you’ll get personalized attention from a trainer who knows exactly what they’re talking about—and how to teach it effectively! Through their experience, training, and knowledge of their specializations, our trainers will effectively teach you to speak confidently, clearly, and powerfully in front of any audience.

Helping you is essential

Yet, while the specializations of our trainers vary, each of them has one goal in mind – helping you become a confident speaker! They know exactly how to help people overcome their fear of public speaking by breaking down each step into easy-to-follow steps, so everyone feels comfortable throughout all stages of training.

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