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Visualizing Content

Program Overview

If you want your audience to remember what you have said and clearly understand your message, then your visuals are an invaluable aid if done right in a professional way reinforce your message and your professional image at the end.

In this Program you will learn how and when to use different types of visual aids to harness the imagination, summarizing your main points and make it clear to your audience to remember, evolving from the norm of using visuals as reporting documents. switching your visual aids from being a boring written repetition of what you are saying into attractive attention keeper for your audience

This Program will enhance your ability to design your visuals in a way to enhance your performance, keeping in your mind some limits, like the boredom threshold of the average listener and the amount of information that the human brain can process at any one time.

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Attendees Analysis


Professionals who want to work more efficiently in designing their presentations when creating slides and to learn the basics of presenting them.

Learning Objectives

Learn the different designing tools characteristics to choose the most suitable one based on the message you are delivering and your target audience e.g. “PowerPoint, Keynotes, Google Slides, Canva, Prezi ……etc.”

Overhaul the traditional boring way of visuals design, considering yourself as an audience member to decide the most suitable interactive design using the most updated design principles and techniques effectively.

Integrate your corporate layout in your Visual design

Specify which content needed to be added to your presentation visuals and which can be presented differently.

Create delightful slides for your audience by choosing and using impactful photos, creating motions with animations and transitions.

Use the suitable number of texts per slide, and relevant icons along with your text, even readable text only is boring and not that visually appealing

Design a consistent hierarchy for your slides ensuring your audience less confused and for you to be more organized.

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Program Modules

Before the design: Planning & Mapping
Information Architecture
Designing Tools: Tips & Tricks
Creative Presentation Design

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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