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Executive Speaking and Presence

Program Overview

Executive Speaking and Presence program is not only about idealizing good grooming or fashion sense, or even having highly developed intelligence. It’s much more than that. It revolves around inner confidence, credibility, and how you project your image as a spokesperson to be recognized by the quality of the way you look and sound.

The Executive Speaking and Presence program will reinforce you to bring your executive presence and expertise under the spotlight, always remembering that preparing for your speech is about more than simply preparing the message you’re delivering. It’s also about you, the expertise and trustworthiness you’re bringing to the table, to ensure that those who are paying attention are persuaded and impressed, even amidst the most intimidating circumstances.

The program will help you apply strategies and techniques to your speech, to inspire change, and help others to do better. It’ll also open your eyes to how your diplomatic speech should look like, to avoid conflict of interests. In this program, you’ll know how to deal with internal during a crisis that you don’t want to affect your business. This program will put you on the first steps of making a positive change and leaving a long-lasting impression and legacy.

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Attendees Analysis

Executives and Directors

Executives and Directors who need to sharpen deep audience connection by learning to position their message through the eyes of the audience inside their institutions under all circumstances while sustaining a powerful credible image.

High-profile Leaders

High-profile leaders with intensive experience want to have a good sense of what to say and when to say it with undeniable presence holding people’s attention and leaving them wanting more.

Learning Objectives

Establishing your confidence, poise, and persona to project a high level of executive presence.

Assertively delivering high-level messages while projecting a strong image through vocal control and body language mastery.

Adapting different communication approaches according to different audience’s categorization based on their culture, their roles, their ages, and other possible factors.

Applying effective techniques in communicating difficult decisions in different situations

Communicating with internal publics during crises to avoid the spreading of rumors.

Recognizing the types of outcomes and types of behavioral outcomes to craft a winning persuasive speech.

Realizing the importance of tact and diplomacy in the process of conflict communication, and how to apply it in different presentations and speeches.

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Program Modules

Your Executive Presence
Executive Persuasion
Presenting Crucial Topics

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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