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Executive Speaking and Presence

Program Overview

Executive presence is not only about idealizing good grooming or fashion sense or even by having highly developed intelligence, more than that it comes from confidence and credibility and how you stand as a speaker to be recognized by the quality of the way you walk and talk.

Executive Speaking and Presence Program will reinforce you to bring your executive presence and knowledge to the table, always remembering that preparing for your speech is about more than simply preparing the message you’re delivering, it’s also about you and the knowledge you’re bringing to the table to ensure that who are paying attention are persuaded and impressed even through the most intimidating circumstances.

The Program will help you to execute simple and exquisite changes to your speech delivery, to give signals to your audience that you are in control to lead and inspires others to do and be better, be able to make a positive change, and to leave a lasting impression and legacy.

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Attendees Analysis


Executives who need to sharpen deep audience connection by learning to position their message through the eyes of the audience inside their institutions under all circumstances


Directors who want to have a good sense of what to say and when to say it with undeniable presence hold people’s attention and leave them wanting more.

Learning Objectives

Assess your current executive presence inside your organization.

Create your presence as a leader and know techniques in how to maintain this presence in your speeches, keywords to say and what not to say.

Adapt different communication approaches according to different audience’s categorization based on their culture, their roles, their ages, and other possible factors.

Apply effective techniques in communicating difficult decisions in different situations

Construct a Clear Purpose and Direction for your team to help them understand exactly what is expected of them for less confusion and more action.

Create an authentic connection with your team to stay approachable and find ways to meaningfully engage with employees to sustain credibility.

Practice executive delivery competencies to create and sustain powerful credible sustainable presence.

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Program Modules

Your Executive Presence
Executive Speech Delivery Mastery
Crucial Conversations Practices

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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