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Storytelling Mastery

Program Overview

Do you wish to effectively persuade your top management to influence the decision making process, to build trust and interdepartmental cooperation with your colleagues, and to emotionally connect with your team members to instill commitment to business goal and values and to lead and motivate them to optimize your team productivity, you can successfully achieve all of this when you master storytelling.

Storytelling Program will help you to take your audiences on a journey, its finish line will be achieving your purpose. we will help you mastering storytelling as a very effective powerful communication and organizational tool to get your ideas across in an interesting amusing way to gain full attention and satisfaction of your audience.

Storytelling program will help Technical and Financial Managers to tell the story behind their number and information to create a dynamic interactive two ways communication with their audience.

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Attendees Analysis


Professionals who want to inspire their employees to perform at high levels, motivate them toward common goals, encourage them to collaborate with one another while, at the same time, create commitment to the company

Ambitious Individuals

Ambitious Individuals who wish to climb the ladder of success and impact the decision-making process in their companies in a memorable way or those who want to make a great impact on their audience’s life.

Learning Objectives

Use organizational storytelling concept to create a story in business context to effectively transmit your message to your audience.

Use storytelling strategically to enhance the impact of your communication and your ability to engage, persuade, and inspire others.

Generate work related influential stories in a meaningful memorable way connecting you to your audience emotionally

Use different storytelling models, to go beyond telling information or idea, to positioning it, shaping the way your audience think and feel about it and motivate them towards an action because of it.

Create a dynamic story behind your data or numbers, by establishing a hook to your audience then the people will get involved, and the meaningful impact of your message will be achieved

Complete your perfectly designed story with mastering your body language while delivering it to ensure optimal efficiency and audience engagement.

Mastering your vocal elements as an essential tool to bring your story to life and to grab your audience attention and focus.

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Program Modules

Organizational Storytelling Concept
Your Business Story
Stories Generation & Structure
Your Personal Style: Brining Your Story to Life!

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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