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Promising Star Speakers (Level 2)

Program Overview

Public Speaking program level two is carefully designed for school students to level up their daily speaking and communication preparing them to the real world, it will guide them as a roadmap in their transitioning into independence by helping them break their comfort zones moving forward to their growing zones.

Public speaking program will help them to build more confident, assertive, enthusiastic, and persistent speaker, will learn how to make effective research for information, how to use their deductive reasoning to craft their speech content skillfully and logically for different kinds of speaking events at school and in different social situations. They will learn how to deliver their message using their own unique personal style.

The group presentation practices and activities will enhance their team spirit, how to be efficient, productive, organized team member and a team leader. They will also learn to plan for a successful speech in a specific allocated time.

Through this interesting learning journey, they will practice empathy, cooperation and how to resolve any conflict effectively within the team, examine the effect of giving constructive feedback and how to respond effectively to received feedback. A journey that will help them in boosting their overall social interactions at their both academic and at their personal lives, now and in the future.

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Attendees Analysis

School students Grade 7 – grade 9

School students from Grade 7 – grade 9 who need to adapt a systematic approach in speech preparation and organization.


Students who need enhancement in their teamworking skills with their colleagues, and strive to manage their time effectively to meet assignments deadlines.

Learning Objectives

Examine the criteria of putting SMART objective for their speeches and why it’s important?

Conduct different research techniques to gather all possible information for their topic (from their teachers, school library, online resources, their parents, and other available resources).

Arrange their speech with a logical sequence to ensure their message is structured in a way that deliver maximum impact.

Examine the power of their non-verbal communication (Body language and voice) in delivering the message to different types of audience “Teachers, coaches, colleagues, family members).

Enhance their planning and organizing skills by learn how to delegate roles and responsibilities between different team members.

Adapt the constructive approach of giving and receiving feedbacks within the team.

Learn how to practice their speech/presentation as a team for a smooth content transition.

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Program Modules

Writing An Outstanding Speech
Your Public Speaking Style
Handling Stage freight
Successful Group Presentations

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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