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Express & Impress!

Program Overview

As young professional seeking better opportunities in your career journey, you’re usually concerned about how to overcome challenges in presenting yourself and your ideas in different situations; whether it’s an interview, while meeting with your managers and co-workers or while communicating with other departments and customers on behalf of your department or entity. Such situations require a powerful set of skills to be able to express and impress!

In our Public speaking program, we will help you in assessing your current set of public speaking skills, developing the power of expression through both verbal and non-verbal tools, improving confidence when it comes to meetings or talks, gaining the ability to listen effectively and asking the right questions to understand to validate the received information.

You will be able to do more with less. With effective research techniques collecting as many information relevant to your topic, and how to analyze and organize your ideas to structure your speech effectively.

You will learn how to analyze different types of audience with different communication styles to craft the right message and deliver it remarkably, as a result you will be noticed, appreciated as a confident speaker, grow your network, and enhance your relationships with others.

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Attendees Analysis

Young professionals

Young professionals who are still walking their first career steps or those who are in need to start their journey in becoming better and more professional speakers.

Passionate Individuals

Passionate individuals who want to discover their speaking style, maintain their presence in meetings and gain the ability to speak up their ideas in front of their managers, colleagues, or clients.

Junior & Mid-Level Professionals

0-5 years’ experience

Learning Objectives

Asses your public speaking style “verbal and nonverbal tools to identify your strengths, and which aspects you need to improve to overcome self-doubt and build a credible self-image to connect fearlessly with your audience.

Improve your presence as a speaker by adapting a growth mindset evolving from college or the fresh graduate mindset to be more confident, motivated, flexible in communicating with different audiences in a professional manner.

Enhance your business communication style through learning effective listening skills, questioning and research techniques to gather better information, earn more about your topic and your audience how to utilize it while keeping track of the time.

Use visual aids to help your audience maintain attention and remember facts to get your points across and make them stick in the minds of listeners.

Learn how to use your vocal abilities and body language to express your message in a powerful and professional manner either in front of your managers, team members or clients.

Practice different stress management techniques to be more flexible coping with difficult audience, difficult situations, and to be more adaptable to any sudden changes during your speech.


Program Modules

Presence: How to get it? & How to use it?
Effective Usage of Visual Aids
Fearlessly Speak & Present Yourself to the Business World
Content Development & Design
The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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