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Executive Speech Coaching

Inspire & Influence Through 100% Customized Development Process!

For the sake of time efficiency, secrecy, privacy, and a 100% personalized coaching experience, The School of Public Speaking exclusively facilitates one-on-one coaching services for you with Yasmine El-Baz, our founder and CLO.

The SPS Coaching service is especially here to assist you in practicing and developing your public speaking skills with a 12-year experience expert, without having to attend group training programs or commit to a timeframe that is not convenient for you.

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Practice & Master Your Delivery!

Through our one-on-one coaching sessions, you will get to create and practice presenting the content of your top important speeches in a private safe environment with professional help.

We do so through cooperating to achieve the desired influential executive presence and work on the upcoming speaking engagements to bring the best out of each opportunity.

When to book this service

When preparing for high-stakes public speaking events such as keynotes, media exposures, public conferences, and similar.

When pitching ideas or presenting business in major sales presentations, board presentations, shareholders’ meetings, and more.

When you need to utilize the power of public speaking skills to level up your business.

*This service is available for C-suite leaders, public figures, spokespersons, policymakers, and executives.

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Your Customized Journey To Enhance Your Skills!

100% Private & Customized

Practical & Discussion-based

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It’s recommended to book your sessions 1 month in advance.

100% Private

Practical and Discussion-Based

100% Customized for You

Available Virtually and Offline

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