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Conferences, Webinars and Round Tables

Program Overview

Whatever the occasion is, Every Conference, Webinar and Round Tables is a great opportunity to influence, inspire, and lead people into action, yet it can be a stressful and anxiety provoking experience for even the most seasoned “experienced “directors, The stakes are high, your and your organization reputation and credibility are under the spotlight.

The Program will help you mastering every and each aspect to ensure an outstanding speaking experience, different than the usual.

Starting with avoiding the biggest mistake in crafting your speech, to presenting it in a way all your audience will remember for aa the right reasons.

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Attendees Analysis

Executives & Directors

Who want every conference, webinar and roundtable events to be influential, inspiring, and leading people into action as much as they can, with a carefully crafted speech which eloquently delivered.


Presenting their organizations and want to master expressing their organizations values.

Learning Objectives

Evaluate Key-criteria to check the quality of conferences, webinar or roundtable panel and if it’s a good opportunity for you and your organization to be able to select the suitable ones to attend.

Dictate your objectives clearly to the PR manager to ensure crafting a speech matching this objective.

Asses your speech content and information, whoever crafting it, a public relations agency, or your PR manager

Practice speeches content to be fully knowledgeable about it, be able to seamlessly elaborate or go further into detail, when needed and to avoid Reading directly off a script which is captivate and stop you of making a personal connection with your audience

Construct your stage credibility, know how to maintain it while integrating your values and company values in your speech delivery.

Select the most appropriate approach to create and maintain credibility during the delivery of strong influential speech.

Practice Techniques and tools to master On-Stage presence as a competent public speaker.

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Program Modules

Conferences Speaking Engagements: How to choose & what to avoid?
Building and Maintaining On-Stage Credibility
Command The Stage
Building A Memorable Content
Influential Speech Delivery

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Our Methodology ensures maximum Participants’ Engagement through real practice. This program is designed based on Experiential Learning Theory ” learning by doing”.

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